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Plan B

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Lettmann Plan B

Do you already have a creeker in your vehicle fleet? Then you only need to add one more boat to your quiver!

We know best, that the kayaker's happiness is not just tied to classic whitewater but to surfing, splatting, wheeling, and squirting. In order to revive this good old trend of playful paddling, we constructed a new Lettmann model. The recipe for our "Plan B" includes a flat bottom, sharp edges, slim tails connected with a lot of foot space, and a spacious cockpit. The final product is our "Plan B" a spicy seasoned river runner. Get it and make the nearest river your own playground!

The safety features include two handles, a center rail with gear-loops, stability-supporting foam (front and back), as well as a comfy and safe foam foot-rest. The back strap is height-adjustable, padded, and adjustable. 

Length Width Paddler Volume Weight
Plan B Medium 7`8" 25" 88-176 lbs 51.5 gal 35.3 lbs
Plan B Large 7`10" 26" 132-220 lbs 56.8 gal 37.5 lbs



Plan B goes Soca from ServoozMedia on Vimeo.