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Profile Pro WW Extreme (straight shaft) with Vario connector

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Profile Pro WW Extreme (straight shaft) with Vario connector

The Lettmann Ergonom Pro WW Extrem is made out of carbon-aramid which makes it the stiffest paddle you will ever own. 

The Vario connector allows you to extend the paddle by up to 6 cm permanently in addition to the nominal length and gives you the flexibility to adjust the offset from 0-360 degree.

The Lettmann Ergonom Pro WW Extrem is the sturdiest whitewater paddle ever made. Its stiffness combined with a great pressure build-up and awesome handling makes it a unique tool, especially for creek whitewater. The oval, ergonomic shaft supplies supreme handling, the profiled paddle blades provide you with an extraordinary propulsion. Not only is the Ergonom Pro WW Extrem super effective, but it also offers great maneuvering, even with the slightest of strokes you are in control of every movement.